Brais González


Vigo, 1987

Brais studied at Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, CSM Vigo and CSM Oviedo.

He has won prizes in several international piano competitions in Ferrol, San Sebastian, and Paris.

As a composer, his works have been performed by chamber groups, choirs and symphony orchestras all over Spain and Portugal.

Blas Castañer


Pedralba, 1992

Blas studied at CSM Vigo and EAM Santiago.

He won the 1st prize at the International Percussion Competition Baketes in Benetusser and plays extensively with symphony orchestras and wind bands all around Spain and Europe.

Raquel Fernández


Vigo, 1994

Raquel studied at CSM Vigo.

She has won several junior competitions in Spain and played with some of the most prominent Spanish youth orchestras. She finishes her violin degree with professor Mario Peris.


Erea Carbajales


Ourense, 1991

Erea is a young Spanish musicologist and ethnomusicologist specialized in the relationship between audiovisual music and music for videogames.

She has exhibited her work on Epic and Trailer music and its relationship with videogames music Universities and Conservatories throughout Spain.

Blas González


Caracas, 1962

Blas develops his activity as a photographer in Spain and the United Kingdom. His work focuses on the field of contemporary narrative and focuses on social issues.

He has developed and participated in several projects with artists from other disciplines.


Eduards Vecbastiks (violin & founding member)

Laura Lorenzo (flute)

Beatriz Arenas (soprano)

Nerea Rodríguez (accordion)

Marta Sancho (clarinet)

Juanjo Pereira (clarinet)

Ainara González (horn)

Raúl Andrade (trumpet)

Óscar Mourelos (percussion)

Mario Peris (violin)

Javier Escobar (viola)

Alba Reirís (cello)


Laura Lorenzo



(Mario Peris, Erea Carbajales, Javier Escobar)

Juanjo Pereira